International Conference on Innovative Methods in Product Design

San Servolo, Venice (Italy)
June 15th – 17th, 2011

IMProVe 2011 International Conference originates as the 5th Joint Conference of ADM (the Italian Associazione Nazionale Disegno di Macchine) and INGEGRAF (Asociación Española de Ingeniería Gráfica) and has been organized by the Design Tools and Methods in Industrial Engineering Lab. and the Drafting and Representation Lab., both belonging to the DAUR Dept. of University of Padova. From this edition, the Conference is also supported by A.I.P. PRIMECA (Ateliers Inter-établissements de Productique - Pôles de Ressources Informatiques pour la MECAnique) and IJIDeM (International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing).
This event has been proposed as a significant opportunity for discussing on product innovation issues from interdisciplinary point of views, to promote new workgroups and international networks in both engineering and architecture areas. As can be recognized by these proceedings, IMProVe 2011 has proven to be a forum of experts in engineering and architecture design from academia and industry, committed to share the different experiences, skills and ideas and to, jointly, identify new working hypothesis for the design of innovative products.
The quality of the contributions was assured by a double blind review under the supervision of the Scientific Committee, as explained hereafter. I want to personally thank every member of the Scientific Committee and of the Reviewer Committee for the strong commitment and expertise demonstrated in this sensitive and very important task.
Finally, I hope that this event could be one step towards a stronger and fruitful cooperation among ADM, INGEGRAF and AIP-PRIMECA associations, and also open new links with the innovative experiences in the fields of industrial design and architecture.

Gianmaria Concheri
IMProVe 2011 Chair

[1] Study of the impact of a bomb on the side of a vessel and validation by comparing the original sheet with numerical simulation
G. García, A. Álvarez, C. Anido, B. Álvarez

[2] Design for recycling problematic: application to composite parts
Perry Nicolas, Kromm François-Xavier, Pompidou Stephane, Mantaux Olivier

[3] Construction of a geometric reference model for automatic non-ideality evaluation of an acquired high-density workpiece
L. Di Angelo, P. Di Stefano, A. E. Morabito

[4] 3D Facial symmetry evaluation from high – density scanned data
L. Di Angelo, P. Di Stefano, A. Spezzaneve

[5] Parametric Modeling of Free-Form Surfaces for Progressive Addition Lens
G. Savio, G. Concheri, R. Meneghello

[6] Dynamic Splines for interactive simulation of elastic beams in Augmented Reality
P.P. Valentini, E. Pezzuti

[7] A fast algorithm for manifold reconstruction of surfaces
L. Di Angelo, L. Giaccari

[8] BAECULA battle Geographic Information System
Cárdenas Anguita Inmaculada, Mozas Martínez Francisco, Valderrama Zafra José Manuel

[9] Design time and time architecture

[10] A parametric associative modelling of aeronautical structural concepts under C0, C1 or C2 continuity constraints
V. Dattoma, M. De Giorgi, S. Giancane, P. Manco, A.E. Morabito

[11] The detection of petroglyphs through digital image processing. The particular case of the stone inside the chapel of Saint Bartolomé (Lugo Spain)
M.L. Gil, J. Ortiz, S. Martínez, B. Vazquez,T. Rego

[12] Geometric modelling of metallic foams
A. Carofalo, M. De Giorgi, A. Morabito, R. Nobile

[13] New materiality: Digital fabrication and open form. Notes on the arbitrariness of architectural form and parametric design
Carlos L. Marcos

[14] Development of an algorithm for a triangular approach to the sphere based on the Platonic solids using MATLAB scripts
M. Heredia Conde, Manuel Pérez Vázquez, José M. Gomis Martí

[15] Engineering designer curricula and creativity development
F. Rosa, E. Rovida, R. Viganò

[16] Shape optimization of smooth surfaces with arbitrary topology
Przemysław Kiciak

[17] Methodology for the metric restoration of the historical cartography applied to Francisco Coello´s cartografic series of the Royal Site of Aranjuez
Juan Carlos Asenjo Carlos San Antonio, Rafael García

[18] Parametric Cad in the teaching of drawing for Mechanical Engineer
G. Defranco, L. Fuertes, S. Gavino, L. Lopresti, A. Ristevich

[19] Automatic alignment of multi-view range maps by optical stereo-tracking
S. Barone, A. Paoli, A. V. Razionale

[20] A novel tool for pneumatic spindle design
M. Carfagni, R. Furferi, Y. Volpe

[21] Automated dyeing of free-form leather patch edges: a Machine Vision based system
L. Governi, Y. Volpe, M. Toccafondi, M. Palai

[22] Automation of the finishing process of steel yacht hulls based on optical scanning
A. Paoli, A. V. Razionale, D. Saba

[23] Ergonomic design and analysis of a post in a stall
Roberto Prádanos, Juan Manuel Sanz, Daniel Gutiérrez, Nerea de la Puente, José Ignacio Rojas, Manuel Domínguez, María del Mar Espinosa

[24] Determination of orthometric heights from LiDAR data
J. L. Pérez, A. T. Mozas, A. López, F. Aguilar, J. Delgado, I. Fernández, M. A. Aguilar

[25] Mathematical modelling and simulation of an adjustable-stiffness spring
J.M. Chacón, A. González Rodríguez, A. Donoso, A.G. González Rodríguez

[26] Geometric processing of GeoEye-1 satellite imagery for coastal mapping applications
Manuel Ángel Aguilar, Fernando J. Aguilar, Antonio Fernández, Ismael Fernández, María del Mar Saldaña, Andrés M. García Lorca, João G. Negreiros, Alfonso Viciana, Elena González

[27] Architectural survey and Robotics: new frontiers in study, preservation and restoration of historical sites

[28] Tomas Lopez’s geographic atlas of Spain (1787) and its hydrographic network: GIS analysis of the “Reyno de Jaen”

[29] Graphical formulary of statically determinate and indeterminate beams
Pedro Gonzaga, Lázaro Gimena, Maite Crespo, Faustino N. Gimena

[30] Main axonometric system related views as tilt of the coordinate planes
Lázaro Gimena, Pedro Gonzaga, Faustino N. Gimena

[31] Parameter combinatorial diagram. Application to the study and analysis of Hydrological Simulation Models
Mikel Goñi, José Javier López, Faustino N. Gimena

[32] Design of physical prototypes to analyze aerodynamic effects
J.L. Santolaya, R. Miralbés, V. Navarro, J.A. García, E. Calvo

[33] Leonardo’s civil bridges
J. Alonso Trigueros, A.L. Romera Zarza, G. Fernández San Elías

[34] Improvements in the determination of extrapolated shorelines using Elevation Gradient Trend Propagation method
Ismael Fernández, Fernando J. Aguilar, José L. Pérez, Manuel A. Aguilar, Antonio Mozas, Andrés L

[35] Design of a new tibial intramedullary nail
T. Ingrassia, A. Mancuso

[36] Modeling methods in parametric design. Order matrix
Jaime López Soto, Pilar Ramírez López-Para, José Luis Caro Rodríguez

[37] Evaluation of the experiential levels of CPGs (Consumer Packaged Goods) using 3D modelling
Serrano Tierz A., Rebollar Rubio R., Lidón López I., Fernández Sora A., Julián Pérez F., EspinachOrús F.J.

[38] Vertical metadata in learning objects to recovery the industrial historical heritage
M. Castro-García, J.I. Rojas-Sola, M.P. Carranza-Cañadas

[39] The geometrical specification in concurrent product design
L. López, J. Cerqueiro, J. Pose

[40] Robust surface matching as a rapid technique for terrain change detection
Fernando J. Aguilar, Ismael Fernández, Manuel A. Aguilar, Jorge Delgado, Joao G. Negreiros, José L. Pérez

[41] Preliminary Design of a New Bridge System for a Modern Mine Hunter Vessel
D. Boddi, M. Vezzani

[42] New key factors in drawing up a building Innovative methods in architectural design
M. Valiente López, T. Gil López, E. Martínez Borrell, I. Anta Fernández

[43] Characteristics of conic segments in Bézier form
Javier Sánchez-Reyes

[44] Portraits of lost and possible cities
M.P. Iarossi, F. Belloni

[45] Office furniture design for wheelchair user
F.J. Castillo, O.D. de Cózar, I. Ladrón de Guevara, J. Jiménez, E.B. Blázquez

[46] Registration and 3D virtual reconstruction of the old Carmen's Spa Park (Málaga)
E.B. Blázquez, M.L. Ladrón de Guevara, M.C. Ladrón de Guevara, F. Hermosilla, F.J. Castillo

[47] Design optimization based on eco-design and mechanical analysis
I. Lopez, R. Miralbes

[48] Structural analysis of a posterior stability total knee joint replacement
T. Ingrassia, L. Nalbone, V. Nigrelli, D. Tumino, V. Ricotta

[49] A novel method for sensitivity analysis and characterization in integrated engineering design
A.O. Andrisano, M. Ansaloni, F. Leali, M. Pellicciari, A. Vergnano

[50] A product innovation method based on the synergy between TRIZ and Interaction Design
S. Filippi, D. Barattin

[51] Analysis Tool of the Management of Integrated Systems of Implementation in the Design of Systems of Industrial Organization in Smes Industrial Devoted to Mounts and Electrical Installations
Ibáñez Carabantes Pedro, Sancho Val Joaquín, Fernández Sora Alberto, Callejero Cornao Bernardino

[52] Elaboration of a GIS for the management of the new building of the Engineering’s School
José R. Andrés, Eva Molero, M. Luz García, Miguel A. Contreras

[53] Development of a trade-off function for robust optimization problems in design engineering
Quirante Thomas, Sebastian Patrick, Ledoux Yann

[54] Redesign of an auto-levelling base for submarine seismic sensor
M. D’Anna, T. Ingrassia, G. Mangano, V. Nigrelli

[55] Numerical fatigue life evaluation of an innovative internal combustion engine shaft
T. Ingrassia, G. Lo Buglio, E. Lombardo, V. Nigrelli, G. Sergio

[56] An investigation on the validity of 3D clothing simulation for garment fit evaluation
Y.Y. Wu, P.Y. Mok, Y.L. Kwok, J.T. Fan, J. H. Xin

[57] Shape Similarity: Methods and Industrial Applications
D. Francia, A., Ceruti, G. Caligiana, A. Liverani

[58] On the performance of several stereo calibration methods and models
R. Furferi, L. Governi, M. Nunziati

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