Special Issue "Applications of 3D High-Resolution Optical Digitizers in Industrial Products"

Dear Colleagues,

Product measurement, quality control and geometric inspection are very critical and labor-intensive stages in the industrial product life cycle and, as such, contribute significantly to the increase in manufacturing costs. The purpose of this special issue is to present new research advances on the applications of high-resolution 3D optical digitizers for the geometric product verification. All kinds of applications of 3D scanning to geometric inspection issues of industrial products are therefore welcome. We expect contributions focusing on different aspects in this field, from experimental to algorithmic and methodological.

Potential topics of selected contributions include, but are not limited to:

  • On-line control of industrial product by 3D high-resolution optical digitizers;
  • 3D high-density measurements of industrial products and data processing methodologies for quality control and geometric inspection of industrial products;
  • Feature recognition for geometric inspection;
  • Geometric models for product tolerancing;
  • Methodologies for automatic geometric inspection of industrial products;
  • Computer-aided inspection;
  • Statistical process control;
  • Augmented Reality Tools for the representation of product geometric deviations.


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Prof. Dr. Anna Morabito

Prof. Dr. Paolo Di Stefano

Dr. Emanuele Guardiani

Guest Editors

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