Special Issue "3D Sensing and Imaging for Biomedical Investigations"

Dear Colleagues,

In recent years, there has been a considerable development of sensors for three-dimensional acquisition in the biomedical field with the aim of both reducing the electromagnetic radiation to which the patient is subjected and improving their resolution and accuracy. This is opening up new scenarios for diagnostics, treatment planning, and follow-up procedures and studies. Obviously, each sensor providing information with different accuracy and resolution requires specific algorithms for quantitative data extraction. Regardless, the need to process raw data still represents a limitation in exploiting the potential of three-dimensional digitization of parts of the human body. To date, in fact, despite the availability of three-dimensional virtual models, in most cases, traditional manual protocols are used. The development of methods for automatic digital data processing is of uttermost importance, and various research groups are currently working on the subject. Moreover, the availability of these types of data could increase the potentialities of diagnosis and treatment planning tools, offering the possibility of analyzing quantities that cannot be investigated using traditional methods.

This Special Issue of Sensors, entitled “3D Sensing and Imaging for Bioengineering Investigations”, will focus on all innovative aspects of research and development related to this field. Original research papers focusing on the development and experimental verification of computer-based sensing and imaging algorithms for biomedical fields are welcome.

We invite authors to contribute reviews and original research articles that will illustrate and stimulate ongoing research in this field of biomedical engineering. Reviews should provide an up-to-date overview of the current state of the art in a particular application and include key findings from different research groups.

Prof. Dr. Anna Morabito
Prof. Dr. Luca Di Angelo
Guest Editors



  • Three-dimensional measurements for biomedical investigations
  • Bio-measurements
  • Pattern recognition for biomedical investigations
  • Bio-imaging
  • Bio-sensing
  • Biomedical computer-aided design
  • Biomedical computer-aided applications


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