Special Issue "Modeling, Testing and Applications of Metallic Foams and Cellular Materials"

Dear Colleagues,

Research on metallic foams, and more generally on cellular materials, is currently focused on different fields, such as numerical modeling, testing, material design, and manufacturing. Metallic foam applications concern lightweight and crashworthiness design. Cellular materials are also studied for multifunctional components, bioengineering, and biomimetic design. These research areas are extending thanks to technological innovation and new design methodologies. For these reasons, I believe that a multidisciplinary perspective may support the understanding of the state of the art related to cellular material applications, highlighting advantages and disadvantages and, more importantly, discussing new numerical and experimental approaches to investigate the open questions related to their applications.

This Special Issue welcomes papers on cellular materials (both foams and regular cells) aiming to present design methodologies, problems, and applications related to numerical modeling through finite element analysis, design optimization, and validation. Multidisciplinary research is encouraged, especially if it is related to integrated product-process design and multifunctional applications.

Prof. Dr. Francesca Campana
Guest Editor


  • cellular materials
  • metallic foam
  • periodic structure
  • finite element analysis
  • topological optimization
  • mechanical properties
  • product-process design
  • biomimetic design
  • mesoscale modeling

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