The research activity in this field concerns all areas of design of engineered products and systems: design theory and methodology in all fields of engineering, such as industrial, mechanical, mechatronics, systems engineering and engineering management.

The researchers work on principles and methods of engineering design and discipline-oriented research where results are of interest or extendible to other engineering domains.

  • Design theory and methodology, including foundations of design theory;
  • creativity and innovation in engineering;
  • TRIZ;
  • design synthesis;
  • design cognition;
  • models of design processes;
  • design ideation;
  • product architectures, platforms and reuse in engineering;
  • configuration design;
  • robustness in engineering design.

  • Generative design;
  • feature-based design;
  • machine learning and artificial intelligence in design;
  • symbolic computing for design;
  • simulation-based design;
  • augmented products and design;
  • big data analytics for design.

  • Design evaluation;
  • design decisions under uncertainty.

  • Systems design and design complexity;
  • integrated engineering design development;
  • design for changeable and reconfigurable production systems;
  • integrated product and process development;
  • global and distributed engineering design.

  • Human frontiers in design;
  • emotional design and Kansei engineering;
  • inclusive design and universal design;
  • industrial design engineering;
  • user experience design;
  • user-centered design;
  • multi-modal perception in design;
  • creative behavior;
  • participative design;
  • the design process of ergonomics.

  • Design for product lifecycle and sustainability, including DFX (manufacturability, assembly, production, quality, maintenance, remanufacture, recycling, reuse, end-of-life).

  • Design management and systems engineering, including collaborative design in engineering;
  • design project planning and workflow management;
  • requirement engineering;
  • new product development and introduction process;
  • product quality management and improvement;
  • product lifecycle management;
  • model-based systems engineering.

  • New and emerging engineering design trends, including smart and connected products;
  • product-service systems;
  • innovation design, product ecosystem design;
  • design and operation of human-cyber-physical systems (e.g., smart mobility or smart factories);
  • design with smart sensing and AI technologies.

Design Methods; Concept design; Product architecture; Design for X; Model Based System Engineering.

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