The scientific field of Geometric Modelling and Processing investigates new research and novel or particularly significant applications within various topics. The research activities, involving traditional and emerging topics, are focused on disciplines and application areas where geometric, topological, spatial, or configuration design contents are significant. The topics include - but it is not limited to:

  • 3D geometric and parametric modelling procedures;
  • Geometry representation schemes;
  • Computer-aided design;
  • Methods and applications of differential and computational geometry;
  • Methods for data exchange of geometrical and procedural models between CAD/CAE systems;
  • Surface segmentation;
  • Shape optimization;
  • Methods for automatic recognition of shape, geometrical and morphological features and their associated meaning on analytical and discretized models;
  • Procedures for computer-aided engineering analyses;
  • Methodologies for manifold models construction;
  • Grid generation for models with complex topology;
  • Methods and techniques for curves and surface modelling.

The methods mentioned above are of interest in many applicative fields; in particular, the research activities provide the primary techniques for the following applications:

  • Industrial product design;
  • Additive manufacturing planning, optimization, and simulation;
  • Product inspection;
  • Product design optimization;
  • Product cost estimation;
  • Reconstruction and analysis of archaeological artifacts for conservation, exhibition, and utilization;
  • Biomedical research and medical practice;
  • Lattice and foams structures design and analysis.

Geometric modelling; Computer Aided Design; Knowledge recognition; Feature recognition; Parametric modelling.

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