Applied Sciences "Design for Additive Manufacturing: Methods and Tools" - Paper Invitation

Dear colleagues,


Applied Sciences is currently running a Special Issue entitled “Design for Additive Manufacturing: Methods and Tools”. We are serving as the Guest Editors for this topic.


We take great pleasure to have you informed that this issue is open for submission. We are cordially inviting you to contribute an original research paper, a short communication, or a focus review to this issue. You may invite co-authors to join in the task of writing if you are interested but concerned about the tight schedule. Provided below is some information that you may find useful in your consideration of this invitation.


This Special Issue invites papers presenting methodologies, methods and software tools for aiding the conceptual, embodiment and detailed design phases of polymeric and metallic products to be made with AM technologies. We also welcome papers presenting frameworks and approaches at gathering and formalizing knowledge for supporting design engineers. Detailed information can be found at:


The official submission deadline for this special issue is 31 December 2020. You may submit your manuscript now or up until the deadline, we will be very honoured if you are able to participate as well.


Look forward to hearing from you.


Kind regards,


Dr. Marco Mandolini

Dr. Patrick Pradel

Dr. Paolo Cicconi


Guest Editors