Special Issue on Sustainability Journal: "The Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic on Engineering Design and the Sustainability of the New Developed Products".

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Sustainability Journal (ISSN 2071-1050; IF 2.576) is currently running a Special Issue entitled “The Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic on Engineering Design and the Sustainability of the New Developed Products”.


We take great pleasure to have you informed that this issue is open for submission and  we are serving as the Guest Editors for this topic:


Special Issue information


The fight against the COVID pandemic is a call to all fields of scientific research, not only to medical and public security experts. Engineers can contribute to the development or optimization of solutions that would allow us to detect, cure, and contain the spread of this subtle disease.

Ideas and new approaches for the optimization of existing products such as protective masks, assisted breathing devices, diagnostic systems, or medical organizations and procedures have greatly multiplied. A variety of technologies are being brought to the test field for the design and rapid development of new products. Provided that there is a lesson to be learned from the present situation, it is important to take advantage of this large effort and evaluate the potential of these new technologies from the perspective of development speed, time to market, and sustainability.

Original manuscripts exploring practical case studies of innovation, development, and / or optimization of medical or everyday use products, highlighting the aspects related to design choices (green design methods, materials, recyclability, ease of disposal) are invited. Case studies focusing on the description of the new development paradigm are also welcome, considering as significant aspects the proposal of rapid, innovative, and sustainable solutions also at the level of engineering education for sustainability.




The official submission deadline for this special issue is 30 June 2021.

You may submit your manuscript now or up until the deadline, we will be very honoured if you are able to participate as well.


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Asst. Prof. Barbara Motyl

Assoc. Prof. Gabriele Baronio

Assoc. Prof. Francisco Cavas Martinez

Guest Editors