Special Issue "Advanced Techniques for Design and Manufacturing in Marine Engineering"

Dear colleagues,

Modern engineering design processes are driven by an extensive use of numerical simulations, and naval architecture and ocean engineering are no exception. Since computational power has been improved over the last few decades, the integration of different tools such as CAD, FEM, CFD, and CAM allows complex modeling and manufacturing problems to be solved in a more feasible way. Classical naval design methodology can take advantage of this integration, giving rise to a more robust design in terms of shape, structural and hydrodynamic performances, and manufacturing process.

This Special Issue aims to invite researchers and engineers from both academia and industry to publish the latest progress of design and manufacturing techniques in marine engineering and to debate about current issues and future perspectives in this research area. Suitable topics for this issue include but are not limited to the following:

  • CAD-based approaches to design hull and appendages of sailing and engine boats and comparison with traditional techniques;
  • Finite element method applications to predict structural performances of the whole boat or of a portion of it with particular attention to the modeling of the material used;
  • Embedded measurement systems for structural health monitoring;
  • Determination of hydrodynamic efficiency using experimental, numerical or semi-empiric methods for displacement and planning hulls;
  • Topology optimization techniques to overcome traditional scantling criteria based on international standards;
  • Application of additive manufacturing to obtain innovative shapes for internal reinforcements or sandwich hull structure.


Prof. Dr. Antonio Mancuso
Prof. Dr. Davide Tumino
Guest Editors


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