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Call for papers - "Fourth Edition of Focused Section on TMECH/AIM Emerging Topics"

Call for Papers The Fourth Edition of Focused Section on TMECH/AIM Emerging Topics Submissions are called for the Fourth Edition of Focused Section (FS) on TMECH/AIM Emerging Topics. This Focused Section is intended to expedite publication of novel and significant research results, technology and/or conceptual breakthroughs of emerging topics within the scopes of TMECH (, providing rapid access to the state-of-the-art of TMECH publications to the mechatronics community. The submitted paper must not exceed 8 TMECH published manuscript pages, excluding photos... [continua]


Call for Papers - IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics - Focused Section on Compliant Mechanisms for Mechatronics

Paper Submission : 1 March, 2023   Topic: Compliant Mechanisms (CMs), along with Soft Robotic devices formed therewith, may be defined as engineering systems achieving force and motion transmission via the deflection of flexible members. CMs have increasingly gained a strong foothold in the scientific arena owing to their hinge-less nature, shock resistance, potential single-piece manufacturability, safety in human-machine interaction, minimal maintenance requirements, and adaptability to work in unstructured environments. In parallel, current... [continua]


The Free University of Bozen-Bolzano organizes the 2nd International Symposium on Industrial Engineering and Automation (ISIEA 2023)

The Chairs of the 2nd International Symposium on Industrial Engineering and Automation (ISIEA 2023) are glad to invite ADM members to participate in the event. ISIEA 2023 is an initiative of the Industrial Engineering and Automation macro-area of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. ISIEA 2023 will take place in Bolzano, South Tyrol, Italy, on June 22nd-23rd, 2023. ISIEA welcomes contributions on innovation, transformation and digitalization of the industry, as well as their repercussions. With the upcoming second edition, the organizers aim to make ISIEA an increasingly relevant... [continua]


Programma dell’evento Additive4Biomedical organizzata dal CoCOAM

Cari Colleghi,di seguito il programma dell’evento Additive4Biomedical organizzata dal CoCOAM.L’evento si terrà, come comunicato in precedenza, i giorni 17 e 18 ottobre 2022 presso l’Università di Firenze (Viale Morgagni 44-48, 50134 Firenze). Gli ospiti dell’evento, i colleghi del SSD ING-IND/15 dell’Università di Firenze, hanno il piacere di offrire il pranzo per entrambi i giorni del workshop a tutti i partecipanti all’evento (sia presentatori che uditori).Al fine di permettere l’organizzazione dei servizi di catering si... [continua]


Dal 17 al 18 ottobre 2022 il CoCoAM organizza Additive4Biomedical, workshop tematico relativo alle applicazioni dell’Additive Manufacturing nel settore biomedicale

Dal 17 al 18 ottobre 2022, a Firenze presso il plesso Didattico Morgagni, il Comitato Coordinamento Intersettoriale sul'Additive Manufacturing (CoCOAM) organizza Additive4Biomedical, workshop tematico relativo alle applicazioni dell’Additive Manufacturing nel settore biomedicale. La partecipazione è gratuita ed è aperta a tutti i ricercatori afferenti ai tre SSD di riferimento del CoCoAM (ING-IND/14, ING-IND/15, ING-IND/21). Si invitano in particolare dottorandi, post-doc e ricercatori a presentare le proprie attività di ricerca.   17... [continua]


Special Issue "Recent Advances in Smart Design and Manufacturing Technology"

Dear Colleagues, The rapid growth of advanced technologies and their massive introduction into industrial contexts is radically changing the approach to design and manufacturing. Modern Industry 5.0 technologies related to both Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Operational Technology (OT), such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Additive Manufacturing (AM), Digital Twin (DT), Extended Reality (XR), etc., have led to the conception of the so-called Smart Production Plant, involving all aspects from design and virtual prototyping to in-service life in an integrated approach,... [continua]


Special Issue "Applications of 3D High-Resolution Optical Digitizers in Industrial Products"

Dear Colleagues, Product measurement, quality control and geometric inspection are very critical and labor-intensive stages in the industrial product life cycle and, as such, contribute significantly to the increase in manufacturing costs. The purpose of this special issue is to present new research advances on the applications of high-resolution 3D optical digitizers for the geometric product verification. All kinds of applications of 3D scanning to geometric inspection issues of industrial products are therefore welcome. We expect contributions focusing on different aspects in this field,... [continua]


Invito a partecipare alla conferenza "UX4VRehab - User Experience Design for Virtual Rehabilitation"

Il comitato organizzatore della conferenza internazionale UX4VRehab ( è lieto di invitare i Soci ADM a partecipare all'evento, che si terrà sia in presenza a Pisa il 13-14 Ottobre 2022, sia da remoto. La conferenza, organizzata nell'ambito del progetto Europeo Prime-VR2, ha come tema l'applicazione di tecniche di realtà virtuale per la riabilitazione, con particolare riferimetno all'impiego di controller e terapie personalizzate per il paziente. I contributi saranno suddivisi in tre track: 3D acquisition for medical... [continua]


Premio ADM 2021-2022: bando e modalità di partecipazione

Cari Soci, Il Consiglio scientifico dell'Associazione ADM comunica la pubblicazione del bando per la partecipazione alla seconda edizione del Premio ADM. La partecipazione al Premio ADM 2021-2022 è riservata ai laureati magistrali e ai dottori di ricerca che hanno discusso le relative tesi nel periodo compreso tra il 1 luglio 2021 e il 31 luglio 2022. Maggiori informazioni e consegna documentazione:   [continua]


Call for papers - 1st International Conference on Hybrid Societies

The first international Conference on Hybrid Societies is organized by the DFG-funded Collaborative Research Center Hybrid Societies at Chemnitz University of Technology (CRC 1410 Hybrid Societies funded by the German Research Foundation), in which a highly interdisciplinary group of researchers from psychology and engineering sciences to mathematics and computer science to the social sciences and humanities address the challenges of shaping the coexistence of humans and machines in public environments. For Hybrid Societies 2023, we invite contributions that report original novel research... [continua]